In addition to pressing the product parts for the company’s production, the plastic pressing workshop is also ready to carry out other projects for customers in need of outsourcing.


Overview of plastic pressing workshop


– Material selection and design: Clearly understanding the applications, purposes of the products, market and usability so as not to affect the environment.

– Tools for designing and making molds: Designed for long-term use and outstanding productivity.

– Process of casting the plastic products: Consuming less raw materials, operating machines in a scientific manner.

– Quality: The product is of the right size, ensured the quality assurance and controlled for each product.

– Automated: Mass outsourcing with the large quantities.


Plastic injection patterns

 We perform the semicircular bulb pressing for the Company’s semicircular lamp manufacturing project and the plastic parts of other products.


<h3><em>Một số máy ép nhựa loại 1,5 tấn và 2,5 tấn</em></h3>

 Vertical plastic injection molding machine performs products such as lamp wires, lampholders, plugs, etc.


Horizontal plastic injection molding machine

 NANRONG’s Horizontal plastic injection molding machine has the weight of up to 130 tons and is used for the plastic injection of many products such as heads of semicircular lamps, driver box covers.