Product research & development R&D

Products in the warehouse are arranged and stored scientifically. Each lot has its own code, is arranged in its own place, managed on advanced ERP software.


Overview of Product research & development R&D

 At Kim Sang Company, we build an R&D Department with the following tasks:

– Researching and designing to create products with new materials, properties and uses.

– Researching, innovating and improving the quality of existing products.

– Researching and developing new packaging materials.

– Researching and finding the optimal automatic processing technology to manufacture the products with the best quality and price.

+ Ideas: We have the ability to develop new products based on the customers’ ideas.

+ Consulting: R&D Team consists of experienced engineers who are capable of advising customers to create good products at the reasonable prices.

+ Brand: Outsourcing according to customers’ brand is our guideline.

+ Technology: Our technology ensures to meet the increasing demands of our customers.

+ Innovating: Our products are always innovated and updated with the latest technologies.

+ Creative: As one of the big companies in the field of manufacturing LED lights, we attach great importance to the creativity as in the production of energy-saving street lights, we research seven power levels to save more than 50% energy compared to conventional LED lights.