For us, our customers and quality are above all else and every product has to undergo a strict quality control process.


Measurefine spec3000a

We build a quality management system with the missions:
– Ensuring the quality of input materials.
– Ensuring the quality of semi-finished products and finished products during the production process.
– Ensuring the quality of market products.
– Managing the use and protecting the quality control equipment.
– Developing and establishing the system of quality management processes.
– Establishing the quality goals, developing the implementation plans and making the periodic reports.
 The construction quality management system always complies with the requirements of the standard ISO-9001: 2008 and meets the operational capacity of the Company.

 We have built a Lab with many machines and equipment to inspect the most accurate product parameters. From these parameters, we have the basis for the improvement of quality products for customers.



Machines in the LAB room