On February 1, to promote the prevention and control of acute respiratory infections caused by the new strain of corona virus, the Board of Directors of Kim Sang Electrical Equipment Manufacturing and Trading Co., Ltd directs the implementation of the following measures.

 Deploying the establishment of an emergency disease control steering committee is responsible for assigning specific tasks to each member, in order to monitor and propagate and educate officials, employees and workers of the company on measures. disease prevention and control.

 The gate guards are equipped with temperature measuring devices, which must check the temperature of each person who enters the company. Must be responsible for observing people entering the company. If you see a person’s expression such as cough, fever, colds, high temperature, etc., immediately isolate them out. Conduct procedures for hospitalization to avoid spread.


 Image 1: Every person who enters a company must have a temperature check

 Every person who enters the company must wear a mask. The guard is responsible for giving a mask to anyone who doesn’t have one. When giving a mask, wear gloves to avoid infection.

Image 2: Protect mask for people who do not wear a mask, guards must wear gloves when holding masks to give to others.

 Open windows that open all rooms, do not open air conditioning to avoid spreading.


 Image 3: Opening the door, creating a well-ventilated environment

 Clean, conduct toilets every 1 hour. Use disinfectant solutions to avoid spreading the disease.

Image 4: Toilets are cleaned every 1 hour

 Instruct people to eat ripe and boiling. When serving meals to everyone at the company, separate, non-shared meals to avoid contamination. Eating and drinking utensils must be washed with boiling water to kill bacteria.

Image 5: Dining utensils are washed with plain water

 For individuals who present with acute respiratory infections due to a new strain of corona virus, the management requests to take a break from work and immediately transfer to the hospital to check and report the results to the company. In these cases, the company requests that the individual submit a hospital health certificate or hospitalization certificate (the company will consider it to not count towards the holiday).

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