Products in the warehouse are arranged and stored scientifically. Each lot has its own code, is arranged in its own place, managed on advanced ERP software.


Overview of warehouse

 The warehouse system includes the warehouse of finished products, the warehouse of input material, the storehouse of component, which is equipped with the air conditioning to ensure the part quality. The warehouse criteria:

“We do not accept not good product, don’t transfer not good product, don’t not good product.”


A corner material storage


A corner material storage

 Products are arranged in specific positions. The warehouse staff will check the quality of input materials, imported and output goods. Thanks to the advantages of the large and spacious warehouses, we are able to complete many projects, which require bulk raw materials or bulk products. The warehouse management team are all experienced people who will ensure the warehouse to be always in the best working conditions.


Another area belongs to the material warehouse

 In order to improve the efficiency of managing and transporting goods and parts in the warehouse, we use many means such as forklifts, manual forklifts.